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How to enable Crypto.com Login on an unrecognized device?

While dealing with cryptocurrencies, there comes a time when investors have to operate the crypto trade and investment activities through an unauthorized device. If you too are a crypto investor then you might also face this situation in the future. While performing your tasks and activities through unrecognized devices, you think of adding that device to the list of your Trusted device, then you can surely do the same for the Crypto.com Login.

For your ease, we have covered the steps of how to add and remove unrecognized devices from trusted devices.

Understanding the concept of Trusted Device Management

Trusted Device Management is a practice launched to ensure the security of crypto.com accounts. Under this security approach, ownership is granted to the devices from which the users can get into their account by going through the crypto.com signin steps. In other words, through this practice, the users are allowed to trust a particular device for carrying out their crypto.com - related activities.

Now, the question emerges of how to authorize (or trust) a particular device (unknown/new) for performing crypto.com trade activities.

Hold on!!! We have covered those steps for you. Simple, have a glance at them to understand them in a better way.

Steps to add a new device for trading activities

  1. Perform the crypto.com signin process through an unauthorized device (that you wish to add to perform further trade activities)

  2. You’ll receive an OTP via email, check it in your registered mailbox and enter the same in the provided space

  3. If enabled, complete the 2FA verification steps

  4. After successful verification, the device will then get added to the trusted device list of the user

With this, you can add an unauthorized device to the trusted one and can function with any crypto-related activity through it.

How to remove the device from the list of trusted devices?

Users can anytime withdraw their decision of adding an unauthorized device under the Trusted Device Management list. To disable the Crypto.com Login operation on that device, they have to go through the complete process of deleting it from the particular list.

To do so, execute the below-laid actions sequentially:

  1. Get into your account by completing the Crypto.com Login steps carefully

  2. Move to the Dashboard> Settings> Security

  3. Hit on the “Manage Devices” option below Trusted Device

  4. Hit on “Remove” to delete the device from the list of authorized devices

And this is how easily you can remove a device from the list of trusted devices.

ADVICE: Users are advised to remove the public devices after completing their tasks to eliminate the chances of malicious activities.

Final Verdict

If you are accessing your account with crypto.com signin on an unrecognized device and want to include that device in the list of trusted devices, then you can add it by following the steps mentioned in this read. Make a note to delete the public devices after performing your tasks. If not removed, then there is a high chance of the occurrence of any unexpected activity.w

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